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Standard Specification for Roadworks - JKR-SPJ-1988 | General .Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, K.L. Page 40. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. Standard Specification For Road Works Where the rock is of satisfactory quality, the Contractor may elect to crush and screen it to produce aggregates required for concrete, roadbase, subbase, or other purposes. Excavated rock needed for earth.crusher run jkr specification,THE NEW JKR MANUAL ON PAVEMENT DESIGN by Ir . - HBPThis Report is extracted from the newly revised pavement design manual of JKR titled 'Design of Flexible . The current JKR Manual on Pavement Design (Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 5/85) is loosely based on the 1981 ... JKR Standard Specifications for Road Works and are summarised in Figure 6 of this Manual. Bituminous.

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standard specification jkr road - Mobile Jaw CrusherKERAJAAN MALAYSIA JABATAN KERJA RAYA. i i ! i i r ' i kerajaan malaysia jabatan kerja raya malaysia jkr/spj/1988 jkr 20401-0017-88 standard specification for roadworks ketua pengarah kerja ra ya. Read More.crusher run jkr specification,standard specification for roadworks - Department of Infrastructure .STANDARD SPECIFICATION – ROADWORKS. DoI REFERENCE TEXT – December 2015. Page 35. Table 5.1 – Test Frequencies for Bitumen Spray Sealing. Test No. Property. Cutback. Bitumen/. Emulsions. Straight. Run. Binder. Initial Seal on New. Works. Polymer. Modified. Bitumen. Initial Seals on New. Works. Polymer.

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Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 5-85 - Manual on Pavement Design | Asphalt .

Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, K.L. Page 1 . INTRODUCTION This manual consists of the thickness design method, materials specification and the mix design for asphaltic pavements. ... When a suitable and economic natural material is not available crushed aggregates (crusher run) are commonly used. 4.2.2 The.

Standard Specification For Road Works STANDARD .

2 This Addendum shall be made part of the 'JKR Standard Specification For Roads Works' Sign Faces Sign faces for permanent traffic sign shall be as .. the Contractor may elect to REPLACEMENT OF crush and screen it to produce UNSUITABLE MATERIAL aggregates required for concrete, roadbase, subbase,.


This Report is extracted from the newly revised pavement design manual of JKR titled 'Design of Flexible . The current JKR Manual on Pavement Design (Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 5/85) is loosely based on the 1981 ... JKR Standard Specifications for Road Works and are summarised in Figure 6 of this Manual. Bituminous.

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1, 6" X 9" Block, Nil. 2, 28mm Aggregate (1"), Nil. 3, 10mm Aggregate (3/8"), BS 882:1992 Table 3. 4, 20mm Aggregate (3/4"), BS 882:1992 Table 3. 5, Crusher Run, JKR Specification (JKR/SPJ/1988; Table 4.3). 6, Washed Sand, BS 882:1992 Table 4. 7, Quarry Dust, BS 882:1992 Table 4. 8, Quarry Waste, Nil.

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13 Okt 2015 . with this Specification and the lines, levels, grades, dimensions and cross- sections as ... methods shall be in accordance with JKR Specification No. ... pukal pukal pukal b). Insuran Tanggungan Awam pukal pukal pukal c). Insuran Kerja pukal pukal pukal. 1.2 a). Ujian Crusher Run pukal pukal pukal b).

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2) 2" Aggregate (Ballast), Railway spec. . 8) Crusher Run, Table 4.3, JKR/SPJ/1998, Sub-base or Roadbase for road pavement . JKR/SPJ/1988. B3 Special Premix. 9) Rubberised Premix, Table 4.8, 4.9, & 4.10 - JKR/SPJ/1988, Heavy traffic motorways as the bitumen is modified - improve durability and prevent premature.

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Specification. 1.1.3 Any pipes, specials, etc. supplied by the Government or Water Authority and not used in the. Works, shall be delivered back to the J.K.R. Store/Pipe Dump by the Contractor, who shall obtain a receipt .. from the site of the Works, including rainfall run-off from surrounding areas which drain onto the site.

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Apr 19, 2016 . 4.8.2 Fill, spread, grade and compact 300mm thk. crusher run material as m3. 62 road base (compact to 95% max. dry density) as specified in drawing and specification. 4.8.3 Supply and apply tack coat (Grade RC2) applied at a nominal spray m2. 205 rate of 1.20 ± 0.1 litres per square meter. 4.8.4 Supply.


Natural gravel (crusher run) is generally used as base layer materials to replace unsuitable in-situ material for rural . gravel (crusher run) materials as unbound base layer, but due to some limitations, the gravel materials are difficult .. [4] Jabatan Kerja Rakyat (JKR) Malaysia (2008) Standard Specification for Road Works.

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Oct 18, 2013 . ASSIGNMENT FLEXIBLE PAVEMENT DESIGN ECV 5606 Saeed Badeli JKR method based on CBR California Bearing Ratio (CBR) The California Bearing .. ASSIGNMENT FLEXIBLE PAVEMENT DESIGN Cost considerations : Cost of Materials and construction (includes transportation cost) Crusher-run.

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201416 . quarry waste = - , quarry dust = - ,mechanical strength crusher run = temporary road,。 c/r sieve test,sieve test JKR spec. c/r spec。

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CRUSHER RUN FILL. A. Materials for Crusher Run Fill: Materials for Crusher Run fill shall be in accordance with Section 205 (VDOT 21A, 21B, or 22 aggregates) of the VDOT. Road and Bridge Specifications. 2.5. COMMON FILL. A. Materials for Common Fill: Material from on-site excavation may be used as common fill.

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Saiz Tapak Pencawang Elektrik dan Stesen Suis Utama. Saiz tapak pencawang elektrik dan stesen suis utama bersendirian perlu mematuhi keperluan kawasan belakang dan bidang hadapan (setback dan frontage) pihak berkuasa tempatan. Tapak perlu disi dengan 6” high grade crusher run dilapis dengan 2”mm premix.

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crusher run jkr spesifikasi - Foundation for Positive . JKR/SPJ/1988 Specifications Section 4 Spesifikasi . submission shall be applied to the top of the completed crusher run base course before laying . Get Price.

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Jun 30, 2012 . According to the quarry stone supplier, the quarry waste which is found along the road side is only cost RM 11 per ton and the crusher-run costs RM 28 per ton. Is it the reason that the contractor is . Or the JKR is using a new method to do our road shoulder, new adopted specification? Edward said this is.

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Jan 31, 2005 . 4.3 Conditions and Specifications of Particular Application. 36. 4.3.1 General .. Department of Malaysia (JKR) who had the authority on State Road and had been given the authority on Federal .. crusher run with a thickness of 3 to 4 inches was applied before a jumping rammer was used to compact the.

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Specification; Method Statement; Masukkan nota-nota berkaitan seprti nota yang tercatat dalam nota pembinaan; Perlu rujuk QAP; Progress photo; lab test; Checklist .. Skew of culvert (is also determine type of outlet / inlet structure), the gradient, type / class culvert, size, type of culvert bedding (sand / crusher run / rc Pile) .

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4.2.2 Gravel shoulders Gravel shoulder material shall conform to the requirements for gravel surfacing material set forth in JKR Specification No. ... Crusher-run sediaada yang digali hendaklah dihimpunkan dan digunakan semula. m³ 734.40 2.2 Membekal, merata dan memadatkan 50mm tebal pasir sebagai subgred dan.

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After some trial runs it is observed that 38% Fine Aggregate, 20% 10mm down and 42%. 20mm down .. from jaw crusher is very poor . . specifications. 10. Use only measured cans for adding water in the mixer. Use of trapezoidal buckets for adding water should be strictly avoided as their typical shape results in either.

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