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Government looking at stripping the rich of LPG subsidy | India News .Nov 7, 2015 . Surojit Gupta and Sanjay Dutta . NEW DELHI: The government is looking at taking rich s out of LPG subsidy scheme with the aim of freeing up resources to provide clean kitchen fuel to . (are) entitled to get our LPG (liquefied cooking gas) subsidy," Jaitley had told a media event in November.government subsidies gupta,We're using digital infrastructure to reboot govt: Arvind Gupta, head .Mar 10, 2017 . New Delhi: The government is reinventing itself on the back of digital and new-age technologies like Big Data and machine learning for better delivery of subsidies and governance, said Arvind Gupta, head of the information technology unit at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “We are doing a massive.

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Agricultural Subsidies in India Boon or Curse - Semantic ScholarCommittee), the Government of India started the scheme of subsidies on purchase of various agriculture inputs to facilitate the farmers . Gupta, (1984) tried to analyse the agricultural subsidies in India from 1970-71 to 1982-. 83. . Gulati, (2007)reviewed the trends in government subsidies and investments in and for Indian.government subsidies gupta,Government Subsidy - Pushpendra Gupta & AssociatesThe service offered by us in subsidy programs range from Preparation and Submission of the Investment Plan to Monitoring by the Adoption and project management for smooth implementation. Our insightful knowledge of the State and Central Government Industrial Policies and funding opportunities allows us to provide.

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Equity and Efficiency in the Reform of Price Subsidies - A Guide for .

In late 1998, when the budgetary cost of subsidies ballooned to 4.2 percent of GDP, the government began replacing the generalized food subsidies with a . are the ability to identify the poor, the administrative capacity to deliver assistance, and the political support for the targeting scheme (see also Chu and Gupta, 1998a).

government subsidies gupta,

How India Is Moving Toward a Digital-First Economy

Nov 8, 2017 . The India Stack could now have four layers: an identity layer, a documents layer, a payments layer, and a transactions layer. To understand the human impact of these changes, consider the plight of a mother in an Indian village who is eligible for a government subsidy to send her two daughters to school.

We're using digital infrastructure to reboot govt: Arvind Gupta, head .

Mar 10, 2017 . New Delhi: The government is reinventing itself on the back of digital and new-age technologies like Big Data and machine learning for better delivery of subsidies and governance, said Arvind Gupta, head of the information technology unit at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “We are doing a massive.

Australia has the highest power costs in the world: Gupta

Oct 31, 2017 . We all know you will receive huge taxpayer subsidies to build these intermittent and unwanted power generators but you will also have a guaranteed market for your intermittent power through government FORCING utilities to buy power from 'renewable' sources through the RET. By the time you raise.

Research | Sarika Gupta - Scholars at Harvard - Harvard University

Sarika Gupta. Working Paper. “Perils of the Paperwork: The Impact of Information and Application Assistance on Welfare Program Take-Up in India”.Abstract . Siddharth George, Sarika Gupta, and Yusuf Neggers. . “Leveraging Technology and Entrepreneurship to Increase Take-Up of Government Programs in India”.

Do wage subsidies for disabled workers result in deadweight loss .

Firms received a salary reimbursement for both current and new employees granted a Flexjob subsidy. In 2002, the reimbursement to government firms was lowered while the reimbursement to municipal and regional employers remained the same. We combine the reform with unique data on whether or not a new Flexjob.

Sudakshina Gupta's scientific contributions | University of Calcutta .

Sudakshina Gupta's scientific contributions including: Vehicular Pollution in Kolkata in the Pre Phasing-Out, Phasing-Out and Post Phasing-Out Periods: A Case Study.

The Brothers Who Bought South Africa - Bloomberg

Nov 8, 2017 . According to emails from Gupta companies later published by local news outlets, Zwane also helped win government approval for about 114 million rand in annual subsidies for a dairy farm associated with the Gupta family. But much of the money never went to the farm. Roughly 84 million rand of the.

Using Behavioural Economics for Universal Basic Income

Apr 17, 2017 . Including the subsidies for the middle-class — on travel, cooking gas, loans, etc. — which amount to 1.05% of the GDP, the total government spending on subsidies comes to about 3.1% of the GDP. Even if the government decides to carry out the nigh-impossible task of subsuming all these subsidies under.

Sanjeev Gupta buys into UK tidal energy - Financial Times

Dec 14, 2017 . Questions have been raised about the future of the UK's marine power sector after the government announced in last month's Budget there would be no new subsidies for low-carbon electricity generation projects until 2025. Simec has UK interests in the sector and backs a company trying to develop a.

Dhruv Gupta - Lakshmisri

Dhruv Gupta. . He has represented multinationals, industry associations and government authorities in anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations conducted by India, . He has represented MOFCOM, Government of China in several transitional product specific safeguard investigations conducted by India.

government subsidies gupta,

Zeroing in on five myths - India Today

Jun 11, 2015 . Shekhar Gupta. When you speak nonsense, you are told to get your head examined. But there are times when you do not even need to do that. You are pre-certified a madcap if you believe that farming can be sustained without subsidies. We had promised that this week's instalment of National Interest.

The 'mythology' of oil subsidy in India - Facebook

Even if Rupee fell to 84 against the dollar, even then the Govt. won't lose a penny selling you petrol at the same price!!! Every time rupee depreciates, Petrol prices are raised. But Government goes further, they even add VAT to that. Value added Tax for it's contribution to the devaluation of the Rupee. And Rupee fall is.

10 Solutions to Fight Economic Inequality - Talk Poverty

Jun 10, 2015 . Olivia Golden: Policies to Reduce Income Inequality. Kali Grant and Indivar Dutta-Gupta: Ten Ways to Fight Income Inequality . If the private market fails to provide enough jobs to achieve full employment, the government must become the employer of last resort. When growth is below capacity and the job.

Kerosene Subsidies in India - International Institute for Sustainable .

This Policy Brief examines the current system of kerosene subsidies in India, looking at key issues and the impact . To control expenditure on kerosene subsidies, the central government has slowly reduced subsidized kerosene .. cent of total PDS kerosene allocations based on data from 2011–12 (Gupta, 2014).

government subsidies gupta,

Designing wage subsidies for people with disabilities, as .

Targeted employer-side subsidies are advocated as a flexible and efficient tool to improve employment because job creation and hiring decisions are left in the hands of private firms, while costs are partially borne by the government (Katz, 1996: 2). They are compatible with the principles of social market economy and.


Jan 22, 2012 . We will say no and oppose bad government policies. . The IMF has promoted and supported fuel subsidy removal as government policy in most developing nations. . In 2002, Sanjeev Gupta and a few colleagues in the IMF wrote a working paper on domestic petroleum pricing in oil producing countries.

Government mulls 50 % subsidy on solar powered cold storage .

Feb 20, 2017 . Home Solar Off Grid & Roof Tops Government mulls 50 % subsidy on solar powered cold storage facilities . To facilitate farmers store their horticulture produce for longer period, the Telangana government is considering provision of 50 % subsidy on 'solar . Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network.

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