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psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001

How to fix shaking psp screenJun 21, 2012 . SUB4SUB:I subscribe you back Sorry I'm not to good in english.I'm from Malaysia.Bye!psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001,PSP 3001 WHITE SCREEN BRICKED?!?! fixed!Jan 26, 2011 . Hi I have a psp Grand Thrismo edition. It was running on 6.20 OFW then I upgraded to 6.20 TH-C, then I tried downgrading it to 5.03 using this video: .

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psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001,How to Fix Lag on Your Old SONY PSP and Make it Faster (CFW .Jan 25, 2016 . MY PSP THEME | goo/m2h5mY Quick video on how to fix PSP lag, reduce game freezes, and generally make your PSP's overall performance faster and bett.psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001,Can your PSP have Custom Firmware installed? | Atma XplorerMar 29, 2009 . This guide will allow you to check if your PSP supports custom firmware and install it. . m having PSP 3001 with 6.10 OFW. can this be hackable.. if yes then can i use old CFW like 5.50 or 5.03 or it requires new CFW…. sylv3rblade February 19, 2010 Reply. Nope. PSP-3000s still can't be downgraded so.

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psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001,

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How to fix shaking psp screen

Jun 21, 2012 . SUB4SUB:I subscribe you back Sorry I'm not to good in english.I'm from Malaysia.Bye!

how to fix slow psp!!

Jan 28, 2009 . in this video i will show you guys how to make your slow psp fast and fix the problems for slow psp.


Ok.this sounds crazy but it happened to one of my PSPs. I updated the firmware on my system and the menu started stalling and taking a long time to respond. I shut the PSP all the way down..holding the power button until the light shuts off (about 4 or 5 seconds).Hold the R button and power the system.

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psp shaking while in cfw 5 03 psp 3001,

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