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ausmelt smelting and converting

Energy Efficiency of the Outotec Ausmelt Process for . - Springer LinkMar 27, 2017 . The Outotec® Ausmelt Top Submerged Lance Pro- cess is one such example, which has been widely adopted in the modernisation of copper processing facilities in China and Russia. Despite improvements in the energy efficiency of modern copper smelting and converting technologies, additional.ausmelt smelting and converting,Outotec Ausmelt® TSL FurnaceHome · Products · Smelting and Converting; Ausmelt® TSL Furnace. Outotec Ausmelt® TSL Furnace. Benefit from the flexible design of the Outotec Ausmelt® TSL (top submerged lancing) Furnace for pyrometallurgical processing, part of the Outotec Ausmelt® TSL process range. The furnace configurations range from fully.

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vernon paper - SAIMMdiscusses Ausmelt plants already in operation. The application of the technology for the provision of additional smelting capacity, for the improvement of converting operations and for slag cleaning is then described. A brief explanation of how these processes could be applied at southern African smelters is given and the.ausmelt smelting and converting,The Application of Ausmelt Technology - SlideShareOct 27, 2015 . Following a general description of the technology, the paper discusses Ausmelt plants already in operation. The application of the technology for the provision of additional smelting capacity, for the improvement of converting operations and for slag cleaning is then described. A brief explanation of how.

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Sep 18, 2007 . furnace system employing a an Ausmelt furnace for the continuous smelting of copper concentrates followed by a second Ausmelt furnace for the batch converting of the copper matte to produce blister copper. A number of other copper processing plants employing Ausmelt Technology have subsequently.

ausmelt smelting and converting,

Applying ausmelt technology to recover Cu, Ni, and . - Springer Link

The technical feasibility of recovering cop- per, nickel, and cobalt from smelting and converting slags using Ausmelt's top-sub- merged lancing process has been demon- strated at the pilot-plant scale and in several commercial applications. Process conditions may be tailored to achieve the maximum economic recovery of.

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The three-step continuous Mitsubishi B.2 Copper production and recycling profile process combines matte smelting and matte converting. . in a blast furnace, an Ausmelt reactor, and high grade copper scrap can directly be processed in a 570 Description of metal production flowcharts converter, or even directly refined 2.


developed in conjunction with Ausmelt and others, utilises a Sirosmelt process adapted to the requirements of nickel-copper matte smelting. The Ausmelt converter is a totally contained vessel, which makes it possible to contain all the gas generated in the converting process. The off-gas from the Ausmelt converter is then.

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Calcium ferrite slags are used in the converting stage of the Mitsubishi process. This is in contrast to the iron silicate slags used in the first, smelting stage of the Mitsubishi process, and also used throughout Pierce-Smith converting. The calcium ferrite slags present a wide, homogeneous liquid area when mixed with iron.

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SiroSmelt is a high-intensity smelting process employing a top-entry submerged-combustion lance centrally located in a tall vertical cylindrical vessel that provides ... Batch copper converting is carried out in an Ausmelt reactor at the Tongling Jingchang Copper smelter in China, and Ausmelt has also developed the.

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Sep 17, 2003 . IsaSmelt/Ausmelt (Sirosmelt) . Sulphide copper ores are normally treated in two stages; smelting and converting. The smelting . In flash smelting, the concentrate is dispersed into an air or oxygen enriched air stream and smelting and converting occurs while the concentrate is suspended in the air stream.

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Typically Isasmelt/Ausmelt furnace is connected with electrical settling furnace or electric slag cleaning furnace for further processing such as clarification and separation, before the matte goes further to the converting process. Ausmelt converting process is developed based on the original Ausmelt smelting process, where.

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continuous converter that treats Ni-Cu-PGM furnace matte similar to the one utilized at one platinum smelter. The TSL PGM converter was chosen for the reasons that the. Ausmelt/Isasmelt TSL smelting furnaces are highly productive flexible smelting and converting units and environmentally friendly that requires a low.

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COPPER SMELTING & CONVERTING. 7. 2.1.1. Introduction . Effects of Magnetite on Converting. 30. C). Batch Converting. 31. D). Continuous Converting. 32. 2.3. COPPER SMELTING SLAGS. 33. 2.3.1. Phase Equilibria. 34. A) .. electric furnace, Mitsubishi S-furnace as well as the Ausmelt and Noranda furnaces. An in-.


The thermo- chemical complexities of PS converting have now been represented within a mixed-integer linear program (MILP). This is the first time that PS converting has been treated within a mathematical programming framework, hence a major advancement in the operations re- search of copper and nickel smelters.

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Refining. Blister. Anodic Copper, refining slag and gases. Anode Furnace. Slag treatment. Slag. Matte, discard slag and gases. Milling-flotation, Electric furnace, Slag furnace. Recent developments. • Chinese reactors (BBS, SBS), bath technology. • Chilean packed bed converting technology. • Ausmelt C3 Converting®.


This paper summarized modern copper smelting and converting technologies employed in China copper industry, such as OT flash technology,. TSL (ISA/Ausmelt), SKS Bottom Blowing, Jinfeng, etc…This paper also compared these different technology's advantages and disadvantages and highlight NERIN contribution.

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The lead-bearing mineral is converted to lead oxide, and. Sulphur dioxide . crude lead and slag: Ausmelt/ISASMELT sometimes in combination with ... (BMO) – a two-stage batch Smelting and converting pro- cess. Copper matte remains in the furnace (ISASMELT) for Converting Stage. High lead slag from the furnace is a.

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Matusewicz, R., "Lead Smelting, Copper Smelting and Copper Converting Using Ausmelt Technology",Paper for NMD/ATM (2001) 24 pages. McLoughlin, B. C., et al., "Development of Optimum Fluxing Procedures for Isamine Lead Concentrates",Lead-Zinc-Tin '80 Symposium-15 pages (1980). McLoughlin, B. C., et al.,.

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Dickinson Group offers the complete range of services on the following Copper & Ferro-Nickel smelter vessels. ▫ Isasmelt , Ausmelt & Smelting Furnaces. ▫ Anode Furnaces. ▫ Matte Settling Electric Furnaces .. WE COMPLETED OVER 80 CONVERTER REBUILDS IN PAST 9 YEARS. Converters – Rebuilds Track Record.

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Apr 3, 2013 . Outotec Copper production technologies. Flash Smelting and Flash Converting for primary copper. Ausmelt TSL technology for primary and secondary copper. Kaldo TBRC technology for secondary copper and precious metals recovery. Anode Refining and Casting. Hydrometallurgical Electrorefining.

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Side blowing bath smelting-converter-anode refininig. 60. 49. 30. 33. 35. Fuchunjiang. Blast Furnace-converter-anode refining, might stop production in 2010/2011. 80. 36. 34. 35. 35. Zhongtiaoshan (Houma). Ausmelt smelting-Ausmelt converting -anode refining. 70. 53. 56. 56. 62. Feishang. SKS smelting (bottom.

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It is believed that amount of various metals a society consumes is a direct indicator of the advancement of that society. Among non-ferrous metals copper, nickel and cobalt, due to their highly specialized applications, have played important roles in improving standards of living of the people. Therefore, continued production.

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