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desulfurization process etal

Desulfurization of Saudi Arabian crudes by oxidation–extraction .Jun 6, 2015 . H2O2/organic acid oxidation desulfurization method has been widely investigated and it is a very mature method which can satisfy the purpose of green chemistry in light oil desulfurization process. Otsuki et al. [15] have reported that the sulfur content of oxidized vacuum gas oil was reduced to 0.01 wt%.desulfurization process etal,A pre-study of Hot Metal Desulphurization - DiVA portalsuch as sulfur and phosphorus. A low basicity slag is needed to remove alkali metals, while a high basicity slag is necessary for a good desulphurization. In other words, the blast furnace process is not effective for the desulphurization process. To desulphurise before converting the hot metal to crude steel is useful and it is.

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fbc desulfurization process using coal with low sulfur . - CiteSeerXshown in a study of the kinetics of the desulfurization process (Bragança et al., 2003). In this work, tests have been performed to investigate and characterize line from the surroundings of the Candiota coal mine as SO2 sorbent. The lines (actually, metamorphic line) from the main mines in southern Brazil.desulfurization process etal,Mathematical Model of Hot Metal Desulfurization by Powder InjectionNov 25, 2011 . Although there have been a numerous number of studies on mathematical model of hot metal desulfurization by deep injection of calcium carbide, the research field as a whole is not well integrated. This paper presents a model that takes into account the kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport processes.

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Sulphur removal in ironmaking and oxygen steelmaking: Ironmaking .

Mar 22, 2017 . The HM output of the BF and the input of the hot metal desulphurisation (HMD) were averaged to determine the single stream in this diagram. The average sulphur presence in every process flow (in kg of sulphur per tonne of produced steel) is given in Table 1. A Sankey-type diagram of the sulphur balance.

Efficient new process for the desulfurization of mixtures of air and .

Currently, the most commonly used solutions for the removal of hydrogen sulfide are activated carbon and the Claus process. ... The plasma device as a CAD cross section drawing (a) with a detailed view of the junction between the dielectric and the metal part (b), a photograph of the disassembled reactor (c) and the gas.

Modeling and Simulation of Hot Metal Desulfurization by Powder .

Jun 20, 2015 . Therefore, hot metal from blast furnaces must be treated prior to the oxygen steelmaking in order to obtain steels with low sulfur contents [1]. In the desulfurization process, powdered reagents are injected into the hot metal through an immersed lance using an inert carrier gas such as argon or nitrogen, as.

Effect of Flux Dispersion Behavior on Desulfurization of Hot Metal

the effect of a newly-designed blade with a water model and a commercial-scale desulfurization process. Flux dis- persion was improved with the new blade. Basic studies with water models were carried out in order to study the dispersion behavior of low-density particles by mechanical stirring. Nomura et al.14) evaluated.

Optimization of Desulphurization Process using Lance . - J-Stage

Jan 26, 2017 . The other part was dis- solved in molten iron and react with the sulfur in molten iron. Irons et al.'s16) report showed that the proportion of bubbles and the dissolved magnesium was 1:9. During the desulfurization process of magnesium bubbles, the restriction factor was the sulfur diffusion to the bubble.

desulfurization process etal,

Review of desulfurization process for biogas purification - IOPscience

PAPER • OPEN ACCESS. Review of desulfurization process for biogas purification. To cite this article: Cong Xiao et al 2017 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 100 012177. View the article online for updates and enhancements. Related content. The Stability of Lubricant Oil Acidity of · Biogas Fuelled Engine due to Biogas.

Line-Gypsum Flue Gas Desulfurization Process - aidic

computer codes aimed at modeling the whole flue gas desulfurization process (Yi et al., 2008; Fernández et al., 1997) (RIF). Sulphite oxidation rate significantly affects calcium sulphate super-saturation and hence the characteristics of the gypsum produced (Prisciandaro et al., 2001, 2009). The kinetics of the absorption of.

Flue gas desulfurization by in-duct dry scrubbing using calcium .

et al., 1986; Pennline and Drummond, 1987). Several of them involve what is loosely termed “dry scrubbing,” in which the. SO, removed leaves as part of a dry solid. Consequently, processes which involve spray drying of an alkaline solid dissolved in water are classified as “dry,” as are processes in which a dry powdered.

Oxidative Desulfurization of HDS Diesel Using the Aldehyde .

Sep 1, 2007 . Effect of transition metal oxides catalysts on oxidative desulfurization of model diesel. Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar , Rusmidah Ali , Abdul Aziz Abdul Kadir , Wan Nur Aini Wan Mokhtar. Fuel Processing Technology 2012 101, 78-84.


zation of fossil fuels (coal gas or syngas). Numerous processes are avail- able for low temperature desulfurization. However, advantages in processing, notably energy conservation and capital savings, make high temperature desul- furization attractive. Attention is given here to the use of metal zeolites as regenerable de-.

Sulfur balance calculation of new desulfurization technology in the .

Feb 4, 2016 . DOI, sdoi/10.1051/metal/2015054. Published online, 04 . The new desulfurization technology in the iron ore sintering process with added urea is an effective way to reduce SO2 emission. In order to further study the . Key words: Iron ore sintering / urea / flue gas desulfurization / sulfur balance.

US3787315A - Alkali metal desulfurization process for petroleum oil .

SHEEI 5 BF 5 FIGURE 6 ALlKALl METAL DESULFURIZATION PROCESS FOR PETROLEUM OIL STOCKS USING LOW PRESSURE HYDROGEN BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a process for the desulfurization of sulfur-containing petroleum oil stocks.

Microbial Desulfurization of a Crude Oil Middle-Distillate Fraction .

HDS is a catalytic process that converts organic sulfur to hydrogen sulfide gas by reacting crude oil fractions with hydrogen at pressures between 150 and 3,000 lb/in2 and ... as model oxidized sulfur compounds, consistent with the oxidative desulfurization pathway of Rhodococcus sp. strain IGTS8 described by Gray et al.

Biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS) of petrodiesel fuels - Microbiology

(Egorova, 2003; Folsom et al., 1999; Konishi et al., 2000;. Monticello, 1996). Biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS). BDS is often considered as a potential alternative to the conventional deep HDS processes used in refineries. In this process, bacteria remove organosulfur from petroleum fractions without degrading the carbon.

Numerical simulation of flue gas desulfurization characteristics in .

A new process of flue gas desulfurization in circulating fluidized bed with flue gas bypass ducts is presented. k–ɛ Model, Discrete Phase Model and . with low investment and operating costs, easy operation as well as high removal efficiency in comparison with wet flue gas desulfurization processes (Ollero et al.,.

Flue-gas desulfurization - Wikipedia

Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) is a set of technologies used to remove sulfur dioxide (SO 2) from exhaust flue gases of fossil-fuel power plants, and from the emissions of other sulfur oxide emitting processes. Contents. [hide]. 1 Methods; 2 History; 3 Sulfuric acid mist formation; 4 FGD chemistry. 4.1 Basic principles; 4.2.

Study of a desulfurization process to convert . - rucudc

conditions, to remove sulfur containing compounds from oil and coal. Biological and chemical-physical factors affect considerably heavy oil biodegradation as well as biotransformation such biodesulfurization (Setti et al., 1995). A variety of. Study of a desulfurization process to convert dibenzothiophene to 2-hydroxybiphenyl.

Study of a desulfurization process to convert . - rucudc

conditions, to remove sulfur containing compounds from oil and coal. Biological and chemical-physical factors affect considerably heavy oil biodegradation as well as biotransformation such biodesulfurization (Setti et al., 1995). A variety of. Study of a desulfurization process to convert dibenzothiophene to 2-hydroxybiphenyl.

Desulfurization of coal by oxidation in alkaline solution - Iowa State .

The leaching temperatures with basic solu tions are relatively low. Some of the advantages of using alkaline conditions for leaching high-sulfur coals were demonstrated by Tai, et al. (75),. The Ames chemical desulfurization (oxydesulfurization) process being developed at Iowa State University is based on leaching fine-.

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